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when I was a little boy my grandfather took me to the forest and told me this story tezhelo days dropped kiev, then I was a little boy, and many do not understand, but now this story has become part of my life, and I want to tell you about it                                 
is hidden in the forest undergrowth2dsc09384 by stalker034
2dsc09945 by stalker034
now 75 years have passed, these mighty giants concrete batching keep the great history of the darkest days of defense of Kiev.
     Kyiv region to strengthen
dot number 458 while in the depths of the forest is dot defended for almost two and a half months was blown up during the retreat

Untitled by stalker034

2dsc05671 by stalker034

2dsc00278 by stalker034
dot number 481 this is one of the few bunkers that survived to the present day,
This command observation dot located on the hill of the shore of the river Irpen,
garrison of the bunker bravely fought to the last bullet, the garrison was killed2dsc04783 by stalker034
2dsc04788 by stalker034

2dsc04798 by stalker034

                                        view from the bunker loopholes number 4812dsc04804 by stalker034
                      the entrance to the underground casemates bunker number 481
1dsc02875 by stalker034
                              a monument to the darkest days of the defense
transfer (here at fighting on the borders of the village Belogorodka Irpin river to the eastern outskirts of urban-type settlement Irpen courageously defended the city Kiev courageously defended the city Kiev Warriors 2 Kiev Artillery School,175 Infantry Division 339Infantry Division,fighters and people's militia in June and at the beginning August 1941year)
  2dsc05881 by stalker034

2dsc02457 by stalker034

                                                          dot number 477
                      crying mother waiting for the sons but they never again return
2dsc09753 by stalker034
land like remembers those terrible days of defense of Kiev on the banks of the river Irpen like ashen sky and bloodied land                                                 
3dsc01689 by stalker034

2dsc02670 by stalker034
3dsc01379 by stalker034

                                                      dot number 456
Dot Junior Lieutenant Kuznetsov defended two months has been undermined during the retreat

2dsc05308 by stalker034

Hope never dies and if the light at the end of the tunnel gives faith in s top even in the most horrible time2dsc02233 by stalker034
2dsc07251 by stalker034

                                                        dot number 459
Flowers wild apple dumb silence of the bush you can see the ruins was once a terrible fight he took could not resist but lasted long2dsc09361 by stalker034
the sun like a cloud of smoke as if to say about those horrific hours when torn snaryali whistling bullets and rivers of blood and tears for what happened and why such grief2dsc03473 by stalker034
old boundary post a silent witness of the events he keeps a secret history of those days2dsc03622 by stalker034

2dsc03579 by stalker034

2dsc03572 by stalker034

2dsc03564 by stalker034

2dsc03598 by stalker034

                                                               dot number 426
 Unfortunately the history of this house is not known to me, nature swallowed it entirely
3dsc01668 by stalker034

3dsc01662 by stalker034

                                                    dot number 453
artillery bunker defended month and a half has been undermined by the garrison was killed                                                  

2dsc04446 by stalker034

old and forgotten was once the monument was established by the soldiers on the chipped plate leash remained one Diamagnetic (we will not forget you once beloved mother grandmother)

1dsc06743 by stalker034
very lively children played and windows blooming lilacs, there is now only silence and death,
                                    monument scorched village Lyubka



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